RWS, Contemporary Watercolour Competition, Bankside Gallery, open until March 17th 2020.

Delighted to exhibit in this great and welcoming gallery space with the RWS. Founded in 1804, it is the oldest and most prestigious watercolour society in the world. Lovely atmosphere and a wonderful society with which to exhibit. Congratulations to the very deserving prize winners. Loved a great many of the innovative pieces on show. If you find yourself next to the Tate Modern why not pop in to the Bankside Gallery and take in these innovative eclectic works in watercolour? Such a brilliant exhibition space with an irresistible shop and the Flounder’s Arms nearby for a riverside beverage.

Lemon Sunset, Saunton Sands, now showing and for sale at Bankside Gallery, London until March 17th 2020.
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