Storm Over Daymer, Mall Galleries, Pall Mall, London, NEAC Open Exhibition, 2014

Storm Over Daymer, Mall Galleries, Pall Mall, London, NEAC Open Exhibition, 2014

The Daily Painting Blog marks each day with a painting. Inspired by painters such as Edwin Dickinson, (Born NY: 1891, Died: 1978) and his “premier coup” approach, a daily painting is completed  in an attempt to capture the essence of the subject matter, in the hope  of establishing a firm foundation for further creative practice throughout the day.

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Whilst raising a family in Wiltshire, Lucinda Storm gained  art tuition from the following artists: Jason Bowyer PPNEAC RP PS, David Parfitt RI, Richard Pikesley PNEAC RWS, Charlie Baird, Alex Fowler NEAC, Saied Dai RP NEAC, Charlotte Sorapure NEAC and Paul Banning RI RSMA. This followed an American and Commonwealth Arts degree from the Department of English at Exeter University which included a year at the University of Santa Barbara, California as a Film Major. Her degree was gained alongside a career as fashion model in London, Paris, Sydney, Tokyo, Miami and Los Angeles. Since 2008 she has exhibited locally and in November 2014 her work was selected from well over 1,000 entries  to appear alongside paintings by some of Britain’s leading figurative artists in the New English Art Club’s Annual Exhibition at the Mall Galleries near Trafalgar Square.

The New English Art Club was originally set-up by radical artists rejected by the conservative Royal Academy, as their representational works of art took a more modern approach. Today the two institutions are much more alike, and many of the Member artists are also Royal Academicians. The prestigious New English Art Club continues to nurture new talent, showcasing the very best of figurative art submitted by non-members.